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Oh Snap! It's So Easy.

Make a poster into a beautiful wall hanging with beautiful oak wood Hanger Frames.
Use them to hang art, photos, paintings, letters, kid's drawings, bandanas, scarves, tea towels, and more!

  • Solid Oak Wood

    Stained in 6 different options

  • Strong Neodymium Magnets

    Snaps onto your poster with ease

  • Easy to Hang

    Includes three string choices

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  • Tons of Sizes

  • Stain Colors

  • Strong Magnets

  • 3 String Options

  • Sustainable

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  • Made in America

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Five Star Product

  • Friendly Service

  • Free Shipping

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WHOLESALE Hanger Frames - Hanger Frames


Calling all print shops, artists, photographers, and boutiques! Our Hanger Frames are a super easy upsell. They are easy to use, popular, and affordable. Print shops love Hanger Frames because of how compact they are – just slide into the shipping tubes that you're already using for your art prints!

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Looking for XL Hanger Frames?

Our Hanger Frames that we sell on this website have magnets for holding thin materials like posters and canvas up to 49" wide. If you're looking for special Hanger Frames that can hold larger and thicker items, check out our sister shop Quilt Hangers that uses special screw fasteners instead of magnets.

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