6 Wood Stain Colors

We make our frames from solid oak wood in six different stain colors for you to choose for your Hanger Frames. You can pick from Natural, Aged Oak, Walnut, Whitewash, Greywash, or Ebony.

NATURAL has warm golden tones and can have some streaks of amber or light brown.  AGED OAK is a medium brown color with dirty streaks of black and dark brown. WALNUT is a medium-dark brown color with red undertones. WHITEWASH is a slight white coating over oak wood, where you can still see the warm undertones of the natural wood shining through. GREYWASH can be either cool or warm tones that look like weathered-gray oak. EBONY is a black stain over oak wood where you can still see the natural wood grain.

Hanger Frames packagingWhitewash Stain, Natural Oak Stain, Aged Oak Stain, Walnut Stain, Ebony Stain, Greywash Stain

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