Hanger Frames Giveaway Winner


Congratulations on winning a free set Hanger Frames™! Hanger Frames™ are magnetic wood frames to hang your posters, art prints, photos, tapestries, letters, and more. Hanger Frames are so easy to use and display your art beautifully! Just clamp your print between the two wood pieces on top and on bottom then hang with the included string. Our Hanger Frames are made from high quality sustainably sourced hardwood, are embedded with super strong neodymium magnets, come in tons of sizes and stain colors, include 3 string options, and are handcrafted in our studio in the USA.

You can choose any size! We recommend choosing a size that is about 1" longer than the width of your print (it doesn't have to be exact). So if you have an 11x14" portrait orientation, a 12" Hanger Frame would work well! If you don't have a print in mind, we recommend our popular 12" Hanger Frame, because it would fit any width between 8"-12" and look great! Contact us if you have any questions!