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12x18" Canvas Bundle - Pack of 5 Blank Art Canvas and Magnetic Wood Hanger Frame

12x18" Canvas Bundle - Pack of 5 Blank Art Canvas and Magnetic Wood Hanger Frame

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Bundle includes 1 hanger frame and 5 canvas sheets

This bundle contains five 12x18" canvases and one 13" magnetic wood Hanger Frame for displaying artwork. It is ideal for acrylic painting or using markers, such a Posca paint pens. This canvas and magnetic frame combination allow for a smooth, easy setup and hanging of artwork. Plus, the canvas is primed for multiple paint types and colors for a vivid, lasting finish.

Material Specs

  • 350 GSM thickness
  • 100% Cotton canvas
  • Double primed with soft white acrylic coating
  • Matte textured finish
  • Suitable for water-based acrylic paints or pigment based printing inks
  • Ph level of 6.4


  • Size is cut to exact specified size in the chosen product title
  • Cutting tolerance of +/- 1/4"
  • Overage for stretching canvas is not included (please order a larger size if you are stretching your canvas over bars)

Packaging and Care

  • Small flat canvas sheets will be shipped flat in a rigid mailer
  • Larger canvas sheets will be rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube
  • Large quantities of canvas will be wrapped in plastic and shipped in a box
  • Keep canvas stored in packaging until ready to use to avoid discoloration from the elements


We accept returns on Hanger Frames and Blank Canvases within 30 days from purchase. Product must be in original condition. Customer is responsible for return shipping. You can package your order back in its original shipping box or you can find a new one. Please email us to let us know you are sending us a return. We will email you our return address with additional instructions. Once we receive your return, we will process your refund (except for any return shipping costs) within 7 business days.

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Why Use Flat Canvas Sheets?

Easy to Frame

Our canvas sheets can be easily framed with our magnetic Hanger Frames. Our flat canvases are also easy to mount and put in any kind of picture frame. When you paint on a canvas that is wrapped around thick stretcher bars, you will likely need to get it custom framed, which can be expensive and take a few weeks.

Customizable Size

With flat canvas sheets, you can choose the exact size and shape that you need for your project, rather than being limited to standard canvas sizes. You can buy a custom size from us or you can also trim the canvas yourself with scissors or a paper cutter. You can make a wide panoramic painting, or a long narrow painting, or any exact size to fit your wall space!

Easy to Store

Flat canvas sheets can be easily rolled or stored flat in a portfolio or other storage container – like the shipping tube or cardboard mailer we send you. These canvas sheets are a great option for artists who need to transport their work or store it in a small space.

Better Control

Flat canvas sheets can be easily mounted to a hardback surface or lay flat on a table, giving you better control over your work versus trying to paint on a wrapped canvas with no solid backing.

Cost Effective

Flat canvas sheets are often less expensive than wrapped canvases of the same size, making them an excellent option for artists who are working on a budget or those who need to create multiple pieces.

Better for Learning

You will feel more free to experiment with flat canvas sheets. These simple pieces of canvas material can be less intimidating than a large wrapped canvas that you may feel requires perfection. They are also less wasteful than wrapped canvases if you feel the need to start all over.


Flat canvas sheets can be used for a wide range of techniques and mediums, including oil, acrylic, and mixed media. They can also be used for printmaking, collage, and other forms of printmaking.

Prevents warping

Warping is a common problem with painting on pre-wrapped canvases and panels. When you paint on flat canvas you can then hang your artwork from a Hanger Frame, or stretch it around stretcher bars, or flatten it with a glass front picture frame.

  • Solid Oak Wood in 6 Stain Colors

    We use sustainably sourced American oak wood that can be stained in any of these 6 stain colors.

  • Super Strong Magnets

    Each Hanger Frames set includes four wood pieces embedded with magnets (the number of magnets will increase with the size of the frame).

  • Easy to Assemble

    Two pieces clamp the top of the frame and two pieces clamp the bottom of the frame. Each set includes three hanging strings.

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